Throwing a Bachelorette Party

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When my dear friend Rachael asked me to be her maid of honor I was on top of the world. I love this girl and was so honored she had picked me. There was a Matron and Maid of honor for her wedding and since the matron was already in another wedding and just had her second child I excitedly took charge of the planning. 

Rachael is a wild free soul who loves all things hippy and vintage. She didn’t want the typical ‘lets go to Vegas and be crazy’ party. I began thinking of ideas and brainstorming with the matron of honor and another bridesmaid. Luckily my family has a timeshare and we were able to stay in Lake Tahoe. I am so happy we ended up there, Rachael and I are both from the northwest area, we love the outdoors and pine trees; somehow we both live in Arizona now so being able to get away and back to what we love was an added bonus!!
I LOVE head pieces ( I can’t pull them off but I’m still obsessed with them!) so I asked my amazing mother to create each girl a floral head piece to wear on our big night out. 
We made sure Rachael’s was extra special with some ribbon that hung down and bigger flowers. 
Next I wanted each girl to feel special and remember the day and memories. We  created bracelets for each girl with a peace sign charm (Rachael is obsessed with them) as well as these unqiue necklaces. 
The necklaces were dated for the day we went to the beach and relaxed, drank mimosas and filled each other in on our latest adventures in life. We made it to where the necklaces could be filled with the sand from the beach and I brought my tools so I could do the finishing touches to each one after we got back to our rooms. 
Kelsey, one of the bridesmaids made each girl a beautiful sash that matched the theme.
I also found these pom poms online that we hung in each of the rooms and added some thin fabric around the room to help complete the look.
Kelsey also brought chalkboard dipped flute glasses so each girl had their own for the big night out. 
The matron of honor made these recover bags for the next morning. They came with a Gatorade, water, band aids, Advil, head band and chap stick. 
I made reservations at a restaurant near where we were staying so we didn’t have to worry about the cost of a taxi. We all wore black dresses and the bride wore an amazing red one. We put on our floral “crowns”, sashes, necklaces and bracelets.
After dinner we did the Tahoe Crawl, which was perfect! There was a scavenger hunt involved and free drinks and food. 
Overall I loved how everything turned out, I was lucky that each girl chipped in with ideas or the cost of supplies. We had each day planned out but room for changes which made for a relaxed weekend. I bonded with each of these girls, some I knew prior and other I didn’t. The best thing was the bride was happy. 
*If you would like to create custom made necklaces or bracelets please contact me here or visit Moments of Chaos Instagram (link) we can also create floral head pieces for your special day!



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