The Farm

Before we moved to Idaho we saw this old farm house listing and I wont say instantly fell in love but we were very drawn to it. It had so much potential but financially was out of the question for us. We didn’t even know if we were going to move to Idaho for sure so purchasing a house and lots of land seemed silly at the time. Fast forward to us moving to Idaho and living in my parents upstairs while saving up for a down payment on a house. Our goal was to live with them for a year, tackle debt and save up for a down payment to purchase a house. Not a forever house but one to live in for a few years, maybe fix up and move on.

We watched listings and drove around looking at what popped up but nothing felt right, and anything that we loved was WAY out of our price range or in a bad location but we held on that within our year mark we’d find something. Now lets go to Super Bowl weekend, we were chatting with my parents when one of them mentions the farm house was back on the market. I should mention that my parents bought property next to this property for their business and it also is currently housing all of our belongings from Arizona. So we decide that we should take a few things out to our storage pod and look at the farm from their property.

This is when it started to feel like lady luck was on our side. They were doing showings of the house and when we pulled up thought we were one of the potential buyers. We explained we wanted to look but didn’t have a meeting to view the property but they squeezed us in anyways. Now this house is old, over 100 years old in fact and will need a LOT of work but it has everything Eric and I are wanting and SO much potential. Here is where I am so very thankful for my family because as you know we had a year plan and purchasing this house now was not in our budget, plus they added more acres on so it was WAY out of our budget. My father, being the amazing person that he is offered us a deal where he would front us the money and essential be our lender since we wouldn’t qualify for for the amount needed right now and instead of paying a bank back we would pay him and his company back.

We put in an offer that day, we had some hiccups and a few snags BUT we are officially going to be home owners and farmers! Now we get to do some safety upgrades and help make this farm house into our home. I plan on documenting all of our remodeling on here so make sure you subscribe if you want to stay in the loop and follow my Instagram because it is going to be a very big adventure for us.

Myself, Eric (Holding Rai) Ashton and Jordan

This would be considered the front of the house. As you can see it needs a lot of TLC.

This would be the view from the other side of the front of our house.

I love the spiral staircase but for safety reasons we have to tear them down.

This would be the back of our house. You can either enter in the double doors that go into the current dining room or the back door that goes into a mud room.

Here is the other side of the back of our house. The hot tub does not work and will be torn down as well as the double doors leading into our bedroom. LOTS of demoing will be happening.

Jordan, Rai and Ashton.  <3