The Comparing Game

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I’m no pro at this motherhood but I have learned after having a few children that you can not compare yourself to anyone!! Especially someone on social media. After my first child I remember having pains of “I should bounce back and look like this” then I had my second and LOVED my squishy belly because I was in a different season of life. Yes I still have moments where I see a picture perfect square with smiling kids and parents. They’re put together and look like they have zero issues with getting their kid to use the potty or listen but I know that is not true.

I’ve had people reach out to me and say how easy I make motherhood look which I laugh at because I am always honest about our seasons and man do some seasons kick my butt. The thing is social media has made a lot of us new moms and even seasoned vets question our ability to parent because every moment isn’t Instagram worthy. We have messy homes, some days never get dressed…okay a lot of days if you’re like me and 6 month pregnant then its 6/7 days a week pj party 😉 and then we log on to our phones and see perfect squares filled with perfect kids, in perfectly clean and wrinkly free clothes. Their moms are dressed AND have makeup on with the added bonus of a cute hair style. The filter is good, lighting is great and what’s that? Of course a cute letter-board or photo caption to seal the deal that this mom has her shit together.

First off, no mom has their shit together. Seriously ask them, we are all trying to figure out the best way to raise our kids without getting shamed and while keeping our sanity. We all have pajama days and order in pizza even though there’s plenty of food in the house. Basically my point is that we need to remember that this is just a photo that shows that person in good lighting and that life isn’t picture perfect 24/7 and that she probably hides and eats chocolate in her bathtub too.