Spencer Unlimited Spencer Who?

Spencer Who?

Hi! Welcome to my little page on the world wide web 😉

I run a small shop with my mom, you can see our Instagram here or our website here. 


I blog here and post my day to day adventures here.


In case you don’t know who I am and stumbled upon mypage here is a little bit about me. I met my significant other in Arizona and we recently moved back to my hometown in Idaho. We have two little boys as well as his oldest from a previous marriage. I love raising our three boys, were more focused on living the way society use to. We hope to own land we can grow 90% of what we need from. I love essential oils and I’m working on getting all toxic ingredients out of our house. We plan to home school our two youngest boys while our oldest is currently enrolled in public school back in Arizona. My post are raw and honest, some I have written while I’m still in the blur of emotions and everything hurts. Others are rose colored glasses. I promise you this though, this really is me, unlimited. 



Jordan, Ashton and Rai.


Feel free to e-mail me! [email protected]