Rainy Day Adventures

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Yesterday was a gloomy day filled with grey skies and lots of rain. One thing I loved about living in Idaho was being able to play outside pretty much whenever I wanted. So when Rai went down for his nap I bundled Ashton up to jump in some puddles. He’s really only experienced rain twice so far since he was born in Arizona and it was so fun watching him point up to the sky and say ‘water?’ He also learned a new phrase ‘it’s muddy’ which was on repeat while he splashed around. After a while we warmed up the car and the boys and I went to get me a coffee while they napped. <3 I’m loving this new season of motherhood we’re moving into now that Rai is older and has more of a schedule. I’m able to focus better one and one time with each one which makes my mama heart so full. Also get a load of how big Rai is compared to our little peanut Ashton.