Prenatal Yoga: A love/hate story.

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When I would dream of being pregnant I would always picture myself eating healthy and organic foods, not caving into my cravings of cookies and ice cream and continuing my workouts with a few modifications for a growing bump. Now as I’m well into my second trimester I realize how silly all of that was. Yes I would love to be like the women you see and read about who shred body fat while being pregnant and looked like two sticks holding a gorgeous bump in a sexy bikini. Then I realized this might be the only time I’m blessed to carry and create a life inside of me. If I want that cookie, you better believe I’m eating it and a few of its friends.

I did still want to be healthy for the sake of our son but also so when he came out I wasn’t completely out of shape and worn out just from carrying him around the apartment. (I realize I’ll be worn out from lack of sleep and worrying I’m doing something wrong but I WILL not be worn out from being way out of shape)

After a heart attack scare when I was 23 in college I turned to Yoga and meditation. Yoga was perfect because it wasn’t something that pushed me too far but still strengthen my body from head to toe. The reason why I have created a love/hate relationship with yoga and now prenatal yoga is this. It makes me stop what I’m doing and focus on myself. Silly I know but I’ve always had a hard time slowing down and looking at myself internally. Yoga is amazing and should be something done daily even if you think you don’t have time, you have time.

Prenatal yoga is something far more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I was sure that a big belly would make it uncomfortable and that I would feel like a bloated cow the whole time. My ma sent me a prenatal DVD, which I admit I didn’t do until around 8-10 weeks along. The first few times I grunted my way through each pose but after a week straight felt amazing. Then life happened and I put it off again. Eric and I started doing it daily again and just like that I felt amazing almost over night. My moods were stable (luckily I was told I don’t have many mood swings) my eating habits were a healthy balance of sweets and greens and my overall happiness with my life and my relationships was great! Now here comes the best part, I recently ventured over to YouTube in search of some new prenatal yoga videos and was pleasantly surprised. One there is tons to choose from and two now that our little man is kicking his little heart out I feel him with each move I do. When I’m focusing on my breathing I feel him wiggling around. Trust me when you’re completely focused on yourself and what’s going on inside of you and you feel that little life inside of you move its like you’ve never felt it before. You are so aware and so present of yourself and him/her. I will probably let life happen again and skip a few days of yoga then finally roll my mat out and do it and remember while I love it so much.