Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks

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(Excuse my french) BUT HOLY SHIT I’m going to be a mom. A baby is going to exit my body and be apart of my life til my last breathe.  No pressure or anything!!

All jokes aside I am getting really excited. I feel like I have nothing ready (We still don’t have our car seat feel free to judge) but I’m ready. I think… I’m as ready as any new mom could be. I know I’ll learn a lot on the job plus it helps that Eric knows a lot already from having his own son prior to us. He calms me down when I start to panic after reading a post or article-She packed all of this in her hospital bag and I only have this?! I’m going to mess this whole thing up before it even happens.- Yeah… those panic moments.
Aside from that my body is still doing pregnancy pretty well. The puffy swelling is going down a little but the belly clearly isn’t. I’m to the point that as soon as I’m home my softest PJ’s are on and my bra is off. I had real bad cramping this week which apparently is okay even though every book, post, article, tweet, etc says it’s not. BUT if my doctor says it is I guess I’ll believe him.  I officially get stuck anytime I sit down. I think my belly has outgrown what my body can handle (I still have 5 weeks left how is this going to work?!) To add to all the emotions I’m having my doctor said my mucus plug is thinning, I haven’t officially lost it (sorry if that’s weird to read BUT motherhood has lots of weird moments.) which has turned me into a mad women running around the house cleaning and organizing. My goal this week is to meditate daily to calm my booty down and relax. Did you have this problem towards the end of your pregnancy? How’d you relax as your due date got closer?