Name that baby! Why we still don’t have a name picked out.

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As soon as you find out the gender of the beautiful creation growing inside of you people begin to ask. “So what’s the name?” In fact before you even know if you’ll have a bouncing baby boy or a giggling little girl it’s “Do you have any names picked out yet?” Yes some people have a list of names or even have it picked out but there is some of us. Ahem, me. That are not as lucky.

For starters we both felt we were having a girl. (SURPRISE it’s a boy!) So we spent our first few months only looking at girl names. Even that was a challenge! What would end up happening is I hated all his names due to bad experiences with girls that had the names and visa versa. When we were told we were having a little boy I remember two things:
1. Totally forgot that we wanted a girl.
2. CRAP we need a name!
We took our gender reveal photo.
(FYI this photo took us about 30 minutes to take because I had no clean clothes and again had photo ideas for a girl not a boy)
Within minutes of uploading this picture the ‘What’s the name?’ question started to appear. No we did not have a name, we had barely picked a girl name and now we are having a boy so cut us some slack. Out came the baby name book and we were back at it again. We have gone through numerous lists and are having the same issue again. “I don’t like that name because in middle school a kid who pulled my hair had that name.” or “That’s not a real name“- that’s his favorite response to my more unique name selections. 
So here we are, creeping closer and closer to our due date and still no name. We have people thinking we are really going to name our son Peanut (that’s what we called him since we saw the first positive pregnancy test). We look over new name ideas once a week still but I really have no big worry about what we will name our son. I know that we will know when it is time. GOOD NEWS! There is finally one name that has been agreed upon as an option but nothing set in stone and that’s okay. If you’re like us and can’t decided don’t stress it. I’ve heard numerous stories about how they had a name picked and once their bundle of joy came they went with a name they had nixed months ago. 
Anyone else have this struggle? How’d you pick your little ones name?