My Baby has a Sixth Sense

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No he doesn’t see dead people but he does know when I’m about to do something for me and only me. If I pour myself a nice relaxing bubble bath with candles, music and maybe a glass of wine he lets me get in, get comfortable and THEN decides he needs me and only me. Enter co-bathing. 

Everyone knows that moms eat last, it’s like a right of passage when that when you become a mom you ultimately end up eating scraps or cold food. I have tried eating while I nurse or play with him but it usually ends up with food all over us and the floor and leads to another co-bath. 

Eric has even caught on to our sons antics and has asked him why he’s trying to deprive me of food and a relaxing bath but alas Ashton has no answer. He just wants me when he wants me. Funny enough when I want him he’s too busy growing up before my eyes to let me hold him or get a cuddle session in after I nurse him. 

I realize soon my food will always be hot and I’ll be the one bugging him with phones calls and asking when he’s going to visit me and his dad again. And yes that breaks my heart to think one day he wont need me as much as he does now but in honor of the holiday spirit, all I want for Christmas is a long, quite bubble bath with endless champagne.

Does your baby have a sixth sense too?