May Goals Recap

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Some how it’s June now and my birthday month. Yippie! But it’s also time to check in on my May goals. If you didn’t get a chance to read my original post you can find it here.

Instead of trying to pretend like I did an amazing job and stuck to my goals I’m going to be honest…I sucked at it. May was one of those months where the days slipped through my finger tips and the nights never ended.

Seriously I don’t know how it’s June! We had two unplanned weekend trips to San Diego which counts for some of the reason why I didn’t stick to my goals. Those two trips messed up my milk supply which took a week to get back on track BOTH times. Which means lots of nursing and pumping ALL DAY so nothing got done except the necessities and some days that did not include a shower. Either way here’s how I did with my 5 goals for the month of May which are now my new June goals.

  1. Write something every day: I actually did pretty well at this. Whenever I had an idea or creative juices flowing I would either write it down or type it into my notes on my phone. Only thing is I need to now do something will all my ramblings and 1/2 written posts.
  2. Meditation: I squeezed this in a handful of times and the days I did I felt 100 times better. I will be adding this to my June goals as well.
  3. Cook: I did cook more but it was nothing fancy. I’m hoping to be able to create better dishes as I remember how to work the stove. Also a June goal.
  4. Yoga: like meditation this only happened a handful of times and needed to happen a lot more than that. With my previous back issues the lack of stretching and added baby wearing is really putting a kink in my life. Literally, I got stuck on the floor and sofa now so it’s time to stick to it and do my Yoga again.
  5. Enjoy the moments: I think this is the one goal I did a pretty good job at. With having an almost 2 month old you spend a lot of time sitting still with them. We bird watch daily and I get to see how the sky changes in the early hours of morning. Plus the little time I do have to myself or with my partner I try my hardest to really enjoy it.

Goals I’m adding for June:

  1. Morning Walks/Hikes: I would love to start walking a couple times a week in the early morning, I figure I’m already awake why not go out and enjoy the Arizona weather before it hits 80 at 8 am. Once I find a better carrier I’d like to do some light hiking with Ashton as well. (Any recommendations mama’s?)
  2. Read: I use to read all the time, I would read more than I watched TV. Now that I have long nursing sessions I find I turn on the TV to help keep me awake then end up binge watching my favorite TV show.
  3. Listen to more music: Going along with reading I always had a record playing or my Pandora on. I would spend Sundays with a good radio playing, my yoga mat out for impromptu sessions and a book in my hand. I would love to incorporate that into my mom days somewhere and want this month to be the month I try.

How about you? Did you set any goals for last month? How’d you do? Any new ones for June?