Let’s Cut the BS and Stop Making Excuses: Update on my Progress Towards a Better Me.

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It’s been a week since I declared I would stop making making excuses and start doing more for my family and myself. If you have no clue what I’m talking about read this post first then come back to here. 🙂

First let me say that I am so happy I shared my struggles with all of you as well as with Eric for a number of reasons. For starters I had a lot of you reach out to me and say ‘yep, that’s SO me!’ and I even had a few tell me they were so happy I shared because they were starting to feel depressed after becoming a SAHM and knowing they’re not alone meant the world to them. Which means the world to me because that was the number one reason I started this blog, to not feel alone and to connect with like minded people. Finally I’m happy I shared it because it made me accountable, I would start to feel myself slip back into my excuses or when it came time do it I made reasons up why I couldn’t and Eric would say something as simple as ‘you just gotta find a way baby’. And I did, so let’s see where I am after just one week of setting my goals and getting myself up off my ass, I posted my list of things I wanted to accomplish on my post (mentioned above) and this is were I am at.

Learn to Play an Instrument: Eric ordered us two beginners ukulele’s and we spent most of our day yesterday learning how to tune them and the different notes.

French Lessons: I pulled this one out and started it twice then stopped BUT it was due to equipment issues, the mic they supplied me with isn’t picking my voice up so I spent my time trying to reset the whole thing.

Learn Sign Language: I’m happy to report I know my ABC’s as well as family signs for mother, father, brother, etc.

The last two items on my list, yoga instructor and publish something are things that unfortunately do have to wait a little bit. I can’t really become certified while I’m 5 months pregnant so that will have to wait until I’m done growing a life and that 3 month period after where you’re just in survival mode. As far as publishing something goes I’m currently just working on writing more, I try and set aside time daily to write either on here or in my journal to fine tune my skills which to me is a perfect stepping stone in the direction I’m wanting to go.


Now lets talk about the other things I mentioned I do in terms of making excuses around the house….like cooking, ugh cooking. I still hate it, I still struggle with wanting to do it but I’m doing it however, now I noticed my biggest issues is thinking of what to cook and going to the store to get it. Also, when things come up, like this weekend we had Eric’s family in town and then went out of town for a wedding. I bought light groceries and focused more on snacks, however that bit me in the butt when plans changed and we had no food so we ordered in.

As far as my passions go I’ve been trying to do one thing each day for me that is a passion of mine, from reading a book on a subject I’m really interested in, working on my shop, painting or even painting with the kids. I’m making a conscious decision to do something everyday for me now even if that means I have a baby looking at me between my legs, getting food smudged all over my yoga pants while I sit to do these things. I realize I’m showing him and his brother that it’s important to have passions, it’s important to do things just for you even if you feel selfish doing it.

Are you also joining me on making less excuses? What have you done to help yourself overcome them?