How to create a nursery in a small apartment

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I kept telling you guys I would post this and well here we are. Today I had one of my weekly check ups and decided it was the perfect time to share how we created a nursery in our tiny apartment before our little guy joins us. For starters we are limited on space, we have a cute two bedroom apartment that’s perfect for the three of us. However any day now we will be bringing a fourth member into our growing family. (HOLY COW I’M EXCITED!) So we decided until our little peanut gets bigger we would create a nursery in our bedroom and eventually move him to share a room with his older brother.  


For starters we didn’t want a crib, Eric had one with Jordan and realized he barley slept in it. Yes if we had a big house and budget we would most likely have a crib but we’re a one paycheck household so we wanted a pack n play. Plus it helps save us storage space since we would need the pack n play either way. Luckily we received the one we wanted at our baby shower.  We did our whole registry on Amazon which was perfect since we had people from my home town of Idaho and where we reside now (Arizona) coming to our shower. We picked the little hoot theme because when I was little my great grandma got me obsessed with owls and to this day I still am. You can see a better picture of it here.  

Since our bedroom colors are mostly grey and teal we wanted to keep his stuff the same but also help separate it from our area so we did teal, brown, grey and white. 


I snagged these white picture frames and curtain rod  for a great price. I wanted to mirror the window above are bed. I also found these super cute templates on Pinterest ( I can’t remember where so if you find them please let me know and I’ll link it to the correct source). 


Target had these curtains on clearance (SCORE!) and this cute wood sign with an arrow on it that matched my theme perfectly. My ma made the cute bib hanging from it and snagged me the dream catcher. Each of us have one over our beds and I love that as soon as our little guy comes he has one of his own.


My ma made the sheets, blanket and elephant you see pictured below. (All of which can be custom made from our shop)  


My adorable college roommates (who are now newlyweds) gave us this owl that attaches to cribs or pack n plays. They scared each other with it for a month before the shower so now every time I look at it I can’t help but smile. (Yes its sort of creepy and if peanut doesn’t like it, it’s coming down.) 


Now lets move on to storage. I had this old shoe rack that I re-purposed to store his diapers, bottoms, blankets, wipes, etc. I found the storage bins in the perfect color on Amazon. (Seriously 90% of my baby stuff came from here!)


We also utilized the shelves in our closet as well. I have three of these bins (Target steal) with clothes for him to grow into, extra products and nursing stuff. Plus I love that they have these cute dry erase label now! Not pictured is the top shelf that holds all our extra diapers. We also hung most of his clothes-we are not a dresser family. 


To top it off in the other corner of our room we put my old reading chair  (This chair was purchased at a consignment shop a LONG time ago and was purple and only $10 then it was zebra and now this) We already had the lamp so it tied it all together. 


I’m very happy with the way everything turned out, yes we’ve been told we’re crazy and need this or that but we feel what we have is just right for us. I highly recommend asking for stuff on your registry like we did. We ended up getting our pack n play, swing, stroller and more from friends and family. Plus I loved that we reused stuff we already had. I hate clutter and things just sitting around.  Hopefully you enjoyed seeing how we created space for our little guy and maybe it will help you if you’re expecting and have small living conditions. 

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    1. Thank you! I ended up printing off like 10 different prints and trying each one out till I figured out which I liked the best. Plus now I have extras to change out when I get bored of these.

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