First Trimester with Papaya

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It honestly feels like it was just yesterday I was convinced I was pregnant and kept seeing negative on all my pregnancy tests. It also feels like years ago we started trying for papaya.  First off I’m sure you’re wondering why we are calling this baby papaya and the reason will sound silly I am sure but one day while showering when I was so sure I was pregnant but hadn’t seen a positive test yet I was thinking of all the things I am thankful for. My health, Eric, Jordan, Ashton, Rai and without hesitation I put my hand on my belly and thought papaya. I came out of my deep thought and took another test dripping wet only to see another negative result.(a little more back story, we call Ashton peanut because at our first ultrasound the tech said there your baby is, they look like a cashew and I thought no that’s a peanut. Rai is called poppy because when I finally looked at what size he was he was the size of a poppyseed.)

Later that week Eric and I went to the drive in movie theater and I kept bawling during the show…it was the newest Avengers movie guys. That’s when Eric said he knew I was pregnant. Finally I got a positive result, I took about 4 more tests to confirm and then we told our parents and close family and friends. Again we told everyone really early in my pregnancy because if something did happen we knew I’d need a good support team. Luckily I’ve been healthy this whole pregnancy minus the typical morning sickness and exhaustion. My morning sickness isn’t as bad as it was with Rai but some days it’s close. My biggest complaint is the sheer exhaustion, sometimes breathing feels like a workout. ha! The joys of pregnancy. <3

Below is our documentation of little papaya so far.