Baby and Toddler Products We Love!

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Recently we tried out some products for the boys and I have to say I am in love with what we got! When looking for items for our kids we try to look at if it’s necessary, helpful and safe. There is tons of products out there that I may think we “need” however it’s more of a want. It’s safe to say these products we recently got are not only a want but a need too!

Rai our youngest has recently started teething so the teething relief toys (comes in a 5 pack) has really came in handy. I love that they safely and effectively massage his sore gums, are made with 100% safe FDA approved non toxic material and are easy for him to hold. 

(you can purchase them here)

Next up is the awesome portable diaper changing pad WITH a detachable changing mat & storage compartment. There is a strap so you can attach it to your diaper bag, stroller or car seat (all of which I have done) for easy access when you’re running around and don’t want to did through your diaper bag for the products you need. I keep a few diapers, wipes and extra outfit in mine (blowouts 🙁 ) plus I love the size of the changing pad. Most I’ve had in the past are a tiny rectangle and little arms like to wiggle and grab so I’d much rather have them grab a mat I clean than a dirty changing station I don’t. 

(link to shop here)

Rai modeling with the storage compartment attached

With the storage compartment detached

Here it is with everything inside of it and mat attached. Smaller than my Rai guy.  <3



All right mamas (and dads too) if you have a toddler who loves to throw their bowls you NEED this product. Ashton doesn’t throw his bowls (yet) but he does try to hand them to you and if you’re not looking it lands on the ground so when we saw these stackable stay-put suction bowls we had to give them a try. They’re not only guaranteed safe and toxic free- BPA, BPS, PVC, lead, latex, Phthalates free BUT the material is stain resistant and makes cleaning easy and convenient. The superior suction feature works great as you can see from our photo’s, Ashton couldn’t lift the bowl and I tried it with blueberries because those are the worst when they spill! 

Lastly I can not tell you how happy I am that we got these corner guards. We have this old record player that has super sharp corners but due to the design of it, traditional foam corner protectors wouldn’t fit. However with Ashtonbee’s corner guards (you can purchase here) I was able to flip them upside down so no little heads or eyes will get hurt. The best part is they don’t damage your furniture and aren’t that noticeable. 

Here’s our old record player

I placed them on my desk and our nightstands as well which were purchased at Target.