Ashton’s Eight Months

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When they say that motherhood goes by quickly they weren’t lying! Some how my little peanut is eight months old now!! AND I’m already having those dreaded ‘don’t grow up’ moments. He’s army crawling all around our house now and when we say mama to him he says it back (tear) we’ve also been working on dada and he’s now saying it off and on too. He is FINALLY eating food-peas and sweet potatoes that I prepare only so far and admittedly he hated his first few bowl movements and I secretly found it super cute because he’d cry and either crawl to my feet and pull on my pants to be picked up or roll on to his back and put his hands up and go ‘ma ma ma ma’ just so I could hold him while he sucked his finger thumb as we call it, (he puts his thumb and pointer finger in his mouth and sucks it) while he relieves himself. Yes I realize to a normal person it sounds strange to enjoy the fact that your baby wants you to hold them while they poop but I like it because I’m still his safe zone, even if he’s scared of his poop. Also! You talk about poop a lot more once they go on solid foods-new moms, be prepared for this! 

Ashton is still sleeping through the night and naps happen every other day around here now. We find he’s always wanting to learn something new so it’s been tricky keeping him entertained some days. He also babbles ALL the time now to his toys which any mom can tell you is the cutest thing ever next to sibling cuddles or cuddles in general-seriously why are they so fun to cuddle!? He’s loving all the Christmas lights and being able to play with his older brother and he smiles so hard he falls over plus it’s one of those full body smiles where you can see every muscle tighten up with excitement.

Honestly motherhood is nothing what I pictured it to be but these eight months have been nothing short of amazing and exhausting, but the good kind of exhaustion.