Our Valentine’s Day

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Since Valentine’s Day has now officially passed I feel it is the perfect time to share our Valentine’s day with you.  I did not receive flower or candy.  No love notes or surprises.  No 5 star restaurant or movie date.  And the best part is I don’t feel gypped or cheated.  I have had those gifts of love given to me before but behind the façade of it all was a man I did not know.  Now I’m not saying that if you received those things on the day of love that you should question their actions.  But for me I enjoyed our day of love the way it was.  We woke up cuddling, he rubbed my growing belly and told me he loved me.  I asked if he wanted to be my valentine and he said of course.  While he got ready for work I walked the dog.  Once he was off and out the door I did my usual Sunday routine.  I put laundry in the washer, made our bed, worked on projects, etc.  Soon he was home and dinner was in our bellies.  We held hands and watched one of our shows until we both drifted off.  Something so routine and natural for us was just want I wanted.  After years of no routine this was perfect.  I realized that although I love receiving surprises and cute gifts nothing beats a night next to the love of your life. 

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? 

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  1. My husband and I just enjoy each other’s company, no gifts given as well. Or maybe we just got too comfortable after almost 11 years together lol… But we want to start a new tradition next year where we go to the Valentines Day card aisle, choose a card for each other, give it to each other to read then put it back on the shelf hahaha.

    1. Oh that’s a cute idea! We both are so busy that its easier to just spend time together than worry about going all out. We do every now and then but quality time is what we both want the most.

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