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Wheph! Where did the time go! Seriously, I feel like it was just yesterday my water broke and we were calling my parents so they could start their 15+ hour drive here. BUT that happened over two weeks ago, um hello, motherhood wipes you out! And why do I feel like my days only have 3 hours in them instead of 24? Either way I’m back, in advance I would like to apologies if I don’t post as frequently as before but in all honestly I keep losing track of the days. Soon I will be less sleep deprived and settled into my role as a mom and it will be easier, so bear with me.

I decided for my first post back I would like to introduce my beautiful little boy Ashton. I will write a whole labor post later but here is a brief outline of what happened. Thursday morning, April 7th, I went in for a weekly checkup and was told that even though they were originally worried he would arrive early, now it looks like he doesn’t want to come out. My doctor informed me that he would like to induce me the following Thursday, which of course was not what Eric and I wanted. I came home, informed Eric of what I was told and started bouncing on my ball to try and get things moving along. He left for work and I hung out with Jordan and kept bouncing on my ball. Not even two hours later my water breaks, I called Eric and at first thought my bladder finally lost the battle to my growing baby but when I realized that wasn’t the case we headed to the doctors and had Jordan’s mom come pick him up.

After countless items on my birthing plan going wrong we finally welcomed our son Ashton on Friday April 8th at 8:33am. My parents ended up making it for the delivery and my mom got to be in the room with us. I will not lie it was scary, I cried and at one point I can be quoted saying “Never mind leave him in I can’t do this!!” (My anxiety got the best of me but once Eric figured out what calmed me down it was smooth sailing.

I’m so happy to be a mom now, I get to learn new things every day. Before this I never held a newborn let alone changed a diaper and now…not bragging but I’m pretty good. (I may be a little biased here)  So without further rambling (seriously sleep deprived guys) here is some photos of our beautiful little boy the day I delivered him.

IMG_1215 IMG_1214 IMG_1208 IMG_1216 IMG_1217

You can see more photos on my Instagram account. (@spencerunlimited)



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