Let’s Cut the BS and Stop Making Excuses: Update on my Progress Towards a Better Me.

It’s been a week since I declared I would stop making making excuses and start doing more for my family and myself. If you have no clue what I’m talking about read this post first then come back to here. 🙂

First let me say that I am so happy I shared my struggles with all of you as well as with Eric for a number of reasons. For starters I had a lot of you reach out to me and say ‘yep, that’s SO me!’ and I even had a few tell me they were so happy I shared because they were starting to feel depressed after becoming a SAHM and knowing they’re not alone meant the world to them. Which means the world to me because that was the number one reason I started this blog, to not feel alone and to connect with like minded people. Finally I’m happy I shared it because it made me accountable, I would start to feel myself slip back into my excuses or when it came time do it I made reasons up why I couldn’t and Eric would say something as simple as ‘you just gotta find a way baby’. And I did, so let’s see where I am after just one week of setting my goals and getting myself up off my ass, I posted my list of things I wanted to accomplish on my post (mentioned above) and this is were I am at.

Learn to Play an Instrument: Eric ordered us two beginners ukulele’s and we spent most of our day yesterday learning how to tune them and the different notes.

French Lessons: I pulled this one out and started it twice then stopped BUT it was due to equipment issues, the mic they supplied me with isn’t picking my voice up so I spent my time trying to reset the whole thing.

Learn Sign Language: I’m happy to report I know my ABC’s as well as family signs for mother, father, brother, etc.

The last two items on my list, yoga instructor and publish something are things that unfortunately do have to wait a little bit. I can’t really become certified while I’m 5 months pregnant so that will have to wait until I’m done growing a life and that 3 month period after where you’re just in survival mode. As far as publishing something goes I’m currently just working on writing more, I try and set aside time daily to write either on here or in my journal to fine tune my skills which to me is a perfect stepping stone in the direction I’m wanting to go.


Now lets talk about the other things I mentioned I do in terms of making excuses around the house….like cooking, ugh cooking. I still hate it, I still struggle with wanting to do it but I’m doing it however, now I noticed my biggest issues is thinking of what to cook and going to the store to get it. Also, when things come up, like this weekend we had Eric’s family in town and then went out of town for a wedding. I bought light groceries and focused more on snacks, however that bit me in the butt when plans changed and we had no food so we ordered in.

As far as my passions go I’ve been trying to do one thing each day for me that is a passion of mine, from reading a book on a subject I’m really interested in, working on my shop, painting or even painting with the kids. I’m making a conscious decision to do something everyday for me now even if that means I have a baby looking at me between my legs, getting food smudged all over my yoga pants while I sit to do these things. I realize I’m showing him and his brother that it’s important to have passions, it’s important to do things just for you even if you feel selfish doing it.

Are you also joining me on making less excuses? What have you done to help yourself overcome them?

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Hello 2017!

I know I’m not the only one trying to figure out where this year went, some days I forget I had a kid! Okay not really but it does feel like just yesterday I was pregnant and counting down the days till Ashton would be joining us. And yet here he is almost NINE months old!?!? I need a glass of wine just thinking about that… Lately I’ve been reflecting on who I am now vs. who I was before baby and even while I was pregnant. I realize overtime each year I’m a completely different person although my core values and personality stay the same. Two years ago I was obsessed with yoga, meditating, hiking and listening to records on repeat all weekend long while I attempted to remember what I learn in art class. A year ago I was still enjoying these things but I also was busy with weddings, baby bump photos and creating a home for our family. This year it was all about Ashton, lets be honest, he stole the show this year and has taken up 90% of our house’s attention. I tell him he’s lucky he’s cute.

Although I loved every day of ‘the year of Ashton’ I’m also excited to do big things in 2017 for me again. I know that you never really get your freedom back after having kids until they move out but even then you still will worry about them.  BUT my goal is to balance family and personal goals better this year. So to help keep my accountable and hopefully motivate anyone else to follow through with goals here is a few of mine for 2017.

Learn French: A few years ago my mom got my pa and me Rosetta Stone to learn French together and lets just say neither of us have done a thing but download it… SO my goal is to start practicing it for at least 30 minutes, 3-4 days a week this year. I know life happens so I feel that 3-4 days a week will be more than doable.

Finish my Chakra training: I enrolled in classes before I got pregnant (yes BEFORE!) and still haven’t finished my training. I found so many excuses and reasons not to this year that I eventually put all my school work in a box and just ignored it.

Expand the Shop: As most of you know I own a shop with my awesome mom and we create handmade jewelry as well as baby and toddler accessories. I love seeing how far we have came in the short time we’ve been open but I know we can do more. We are already in the works of switching to a new website and adding a new line to the chaos that is us and I’m so excited to bring more of my passions to the shop for everyone to enjoy.

Mindfulness: This is a BIG one for me, I want to bring mindfulness back into our house and stay consistent with it. I go in spurts where I meditate with the boys, practice yoga and journal but nothing is consistent. Since Jordan is from a split family it is especially important to create a calm, peaceful environment as well as help him understand the emotions he is feeling. So I’m hoping to create some sort of routine that we can do to help calm his social anxieties as well as help me keep a peaceful attitude towards each day.

Education: Another big thing I’m wanting to bring into our house is education,  we plan on homeschooling Ashton and any future kids and are hoping to one day do the same for Jordan. We are already seeing him slip through the cracks at his current school and as a parent it is rather frustrating and heart breaking since he is such a bright child. This topic is a hard one since I am only his step mom and can only fight for so much when it comes to his well being, however I can still help him when he is with us so I want to create a curriculum that we do at home together to make sure he doesn’t get lost in the school systems. (Any fellow homeschooling moms I would love tips and support information on this!)

Finally the last big thing I want to work on in 2017 is letting go of stress, doubt and fear. Those three things have held me back from doing the items listed above plus 20 other things. I’ve read handfuls of books and articles that have helped me get the courage to even start this blog and now I need to utilize the tools I have and create the life I’ve always wanted.

What are you goals for 2017? How are you going to create your best year yet?

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May Goals Recap

Some how it’s June now and my birthday month. Yippie! But it’s also time to check in on my May goals. If you didn’t get a chance to read my original post you can find it here.

Instead of trying to pretend like I did an amazing job and stuck to my goals I’m going to be honest…I sucked at it. May was one of those months where the days slipped through my finger tips and the nights never ended.

Seriously I don’t know how it’s June! We had two unplanned weekend trips to San Diego which counts for some of the reason why I didn’t stick to my goals. Those two trips messed up my milk supply which took a week to get back on track BOTH times. Which means lots of nursing and pumping ALL DAY so nothing got done except the necessities and some days that did not include a shower. Either way here’s how I did with my 5 goals for the month of May which are now my new June goals.

  1. Write something every day: I actually did pretty well at this. Whenever I had an idea or creative juices flowing I would either write it down or type it into my notes on my phone. Only thing is I need to now do something will all my ramblings and 1/2 written posts.
  2. Meditation: I squeezed this in a handful of times and the days I did I felt 100 times better. I will be adding this to my June goals as well.
  3. Cook: I did cook more but it was nothing fancy. I’m hoping to be able to create better dishes as I remember how to work the stove. Also a June goal.
  4. Yoga: like meditation this only happened a handful of times and needed to happen a lot more than that. With my previous back issues the lack of stretching and added baby wearing is really putting a kink in my life. Literally, I got stuck on the floor and sofa now so it’s time to stick to it and do my Yoga again.
  5. Enjoy the moments: I think this is the one goal I did a pretty good job at. With having an almost 2 month old you spend a lot of time sitting still with them. We bird watch daily and I get to see how the sky changes in the early hours of morning. Plus the little time I do have to myself or with my partner I try my hardest to really enjoy it.

Goals I’m adding for June:

  1. Morning Walks/Hikes: I would love to start walking a couple times a week in the early morning, I figure I’m already awake why not go out and enjoy the Arizona weather before it hits 80 at 8 am. Once I find a better carrier I’d like to do some light hiking with Ashton as well. (Any recommendations mama’s?)
  2. Read: I use to read all the time, I would read more than I watched TV. Now that I have long nursing sessions I find I turn on the TV to help keep me awake then end up binge watching my favorite TV show.
  3. Listen to more music: Going along with reading I always had a record playing or my Pandora on. I would spend Sundays with a good radio playing, my yoga mat out for impromptu sessions and a book in my hand. I would love to incorporate that into my mom days somewhere and want this month to be the month I try.

How about you? Did you set any goals for last month? How’d you do? Any new ones for June?

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May Goals 2016

Is it just me or does having a baby wreck your schedule? In all seriousness in the few short weeks I’ve been a mom I’ve realized my daily routine is none existent and whatever routine I had before his arrive is out the window so I decided that I’m finally going to start making goals for each month and figured what better way to hold me accountable than sharing my goals with all of you.  

May Goals

  1. Write something everyday

        In December I decided that I really wanted to focus on my freelance writing and try to create a career out of it. I started strong like I do with lot of my goals but slowly let housework, a baby shower, planning a nursery and having a baby get in the way. All very valid excuses but it’s time to refocus.

  1. Meditate

I’ve always had anxiety. I can remember my first realization that it was something I had and needed to figure out what to do to control it. It took me well into my adult years to find the answers that weren’t linked to a doctor’s office. Meditation was and is my outlet, it is a wonderful thing that really lets me connect to my emotions and figure out what is making me feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin. My mediation practice has been next to none unless you count hiding in my bed binge eating Oreos.

  1. Cook

Now that we are a one income household our monthly budget was sliced in half so naturally we looked at what items we could eliminate or cut back on. Food was of course a big one so my goal is to cook more. This will also help us eat healthier options and help me track what foods are triggering Ashton’s acid reflux while breast feeding.  

  1. Yoga

This is another big one like meditation that helps keep me feeling…well me. I have not had my six weeks’ checkup yet so this goal won’t be able to start up right off the bat but there are some stretches I’m allowed to do before I get the green light from my doctor. In June of last year, I was in a bad wreck that really messed my back up and in July we started trying for our little guy and well as you know he’s here now so I wasn’t able to keep up with the recommended workouts and doctor visits to keep my back from acting up.

  1. Enjoy the moments

Since I am a new mom I don’t want to get so wrapped up in trying to do it all that I miss the moments. The whole reason we decided to have me be a stay at home mom was so I could be there for the firsts. The first time he talks, crawls, walks and giggles. I want to be there with him and watch him grow. Yes, there is a possibility I may have to return to work to help pay bills but until that happens, and hopefully it doesn’t, I want to be there for every moment.

There you have it, my five goals for the month of May. As I adjust to motherhood I do plan on making my goal lists bigger and think I’ll continue to share them with you guys to help me stay accountable. What are some goals you have for yourself? Do you do monthly goals or yearly?

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