Spencer Who?

Hello! I want to first thank you for stopping by my page and introduce myself. I’m Spencer, I have many passions and interest in life. In college I majored in Business and Communications while I got a minor in Creative Writing and certified in Video Production and Dressmaking and Design. I’ve had careers from retail to being a radio broadcaster on a morning show. I’ve worked in and out of the corporate world and after deciding with my life partner to bring a new life into this world decided to create a job and life I’m proud of and happy with. Throughout my blog you’ll follow along with me as I discover what it is as well as many other exciting adventures!!


My life partner Eric and I fell in love hard and fast. I’m sure we look crazy to the outside world but we are perfect for each other. We are both divorced and unfortunately both were a little messy. He’s my life partner because we haven’t said ‘I do’ yet in front of loved ones and friends but we’ve already vowed it to each other. I’ve done a lot of crazy and stupid things in my lifetime so far but falling in love with him was not one of them. Eric also brought along with him the sweetest little boy. I’ll admit going from a single divorced women in her 20’s to happily taken step mom to be was not something I saw coming. But I couldn’t be happier. My life fell apart so it could come together and I truly believe that.


Eric and I decided to add on to our new family in early July 2015 and was pleasantly surprised and happy to find out we were going to get our wish. We added another boy to our family in April 2016.


This is my journey through motherhood, creating a business, mindfulness and more. I’ll share my writings, creations, motherhood firsts, as well my day to day adventures. If you follow along with me I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride!!

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Let me know what questions and/or feedback you have for me. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.