Resolutions 2016

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When I made my resolution last year my ultimate goal was to be happy with who I am inside and out. I spent a good year and a half figuring out who I am without the ‘Mrs.’ attached anymore. I did a few girls trips to Vegas, visited New York moved to Arizona. (I’m from a small town in Idaho so big change!) I laughed and cried and most of all was myself. I know there is a good chance I hurt some people along the way but I always stated from the beginning of each relationship I entered with a new person that I’m just figuring out who I am after an almost 9 year relationship. (See my post ‘Thank you to my Ex’) I lost friends and gained new ones. I learned how to love with my full heart, soul and body, something I never did in my marriage.  I enjoyed hikes with my love, I enjoyed them alone. I volunteered, went to concerts, traveled, laughed, cried, tested my mental health and physical body.

I am proud of myself for letting my past change my outlook on the future because it changed it for the better. I learned to not waste my time on things that don’t bring me happiness. That it’s okay to say ‘I’m scared’ or ‘I need help’. Most importantly I learned who I am. My resolution this year is to do it all again.