Pregnancy Update: 31Weeks

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Our sweet son has been so gentle to me this whole pregnancy that sometimes I forget I’m pregnant. Seriously, some days I feel so great that I forget I’m carrying around 20+ lbs of extra weight until I go to squeeze myself into a shopping center bathroom. According to Eric, I don’t have mood swings except for during my bad all day sickness part; when it was more of a please don’t look at me I just puked all over myself and I’m embarrassed. (Yes this happened several times-once in front of the toddler while we were driving and he just kept asking what was wrong while I was covered in sprite and Cheetos.) I don’t have heartburn all the time–I still get it the same as before. I haven’t had the horrible back aches I hear about or the weird rashes that can occur. I’ve looked and waiting for something to happen or come up but to my surprise I just had a few acne moments and a craving for ice cream and cookies like no other.

HOWEVER-now I’m 31 weeks.

Now I can feel the hormones running through my brain and making a mess out of everything. Now Eric tells me I have some moody moments. He did figure out that it’s usually a sign I’m hungry or tired. For example yesterday I was both so he brought me Oreo’s and ice cream and then tucked me in bed once I finished them. (Thank goodness he can read me like a book)

Now I have Braxton Hicks, those love cramps that tells you your body is getting ready to push a baby out.

Now I leg cramps and hip pain.

Now I can’t sleep unless I have the AC on, a fan pointed right at me and our bedroom window open. (Eric will freeze to death before the end of this I’m sure of it.)

Now I can no longer sit like a lady due a growing belly.

I’m thankful that even though this last week has been hard (I think I can cry on command now if I want to) I’m still loving every second of being pregnant. I realize my days of carrying him inside of me are getting closer and closer to an end. That I’ll miss feeling him kick and wiggle around. That I’ll miss seeing my big belly every time I look down. So until he’s no longer inside of me I will gladly put up with everything I mentioned above and more. Because soon it will all be a memory.