Pregnancy “Fat” Shaming-Why you don’t need to listen to them.

I recently (in fact it was today) posted this picture of myself and my growing belly. 


I am in my third trimester now, I’m 5’4″ and  I’ve always been thicker. I use to hate my thick thighs and that once I hit puberty I could no longer wear a size small shirt. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I really got over that fear of being “fat”. When my partner and I found out we were pregnant I remember him wanting to make sure that I knew I would gain weight and that he would find me just as beautiful. This is something that I think has helped me never feel “fat” or “ugly” this whole pregnancy. The thing is I wanted that big belly, I couldn’t wait to start gaining weight and feeling our little one grown and move. 


(Sorry it’s a mirror pic)

I was almost 20 weeks here, I remember waking up that morning and being so happy a bump was finally showing up. I had terrible morning/day/night sickness. I could only keep ice cream down, my favorites– salads, berries and pastas made me spend the next few hours hating them. I tried essential oils, all natural candies, wrist bands, etc. Nothing helped. The doctor kept pushing me to take medicine but we both felt strongly about finding a natural remedy to help. Slowly it faded away and I’ve learned tricks to help me avoid puking on myself while driving. (Yes, this happened to me MORE THAN ONCE!) I was always asked why I wasn’t showing that much yet. My doctor never said anything about me being underweight or told me to worry so I didn’t. I still don’t.


There he is, my sweet little boy growing his little heart out. (Measuring a week ahead mind you) My last visit I was informed I’m right on track for my weight gain and to not change a thing. So I haven’t. If I want a donut, I eat one (sometimes two on bad days) I enjoy ice cream every night, something our little one loves the most, probably due to the fact that it was the only thing I could keep down at the beginning of my pregnancy. I love my belly, I love how round it is getting, I love being able to hold it and rub it 24/7. I love when my partner lifts my shirt so he can kiss his son.


On one of my “bad days” I came into my part time job and saw we had gotten our weekly donuts. I was feeling off that day due to a bad night’s sleep and was really excited to see a sweet treat. I open the box and there it was. The perfect chocolate donut. (Yes it looked perfect) I snagged him along with a water and went to my desk. An hour or so passed and I could tell I was getting hungry but my lunch break was a while away. After checking in the break room to see what other goodies we have I saw we had more donuts. And you best believe I found another perfect chocolate donut but this one had sprinkles!! Of course I grabbed this beauty and started heading back to my desk with a big ol grin on my face. Then I heard it. ‘Isn’t that your second one?….I guess you’re taking eating for two seriously.’


 I would like to say that before getting pregnant if I found two perfect donuts in one day, I would have eaten two of them. I indulge in sweets seldomly now (except my ice cream). I also eat a well balanced meal for the most part. I do give into my cravings but I’M PREGNANT. I’m not overeating, in fact most days it is still hard to crave food. My doctor monitors my weight and eating habits, I do not need anyone else weighing in on what is a good weight. I know people who are shorter than myself and gained 50 pounds while pregnant and they’re back to their 115 weight now. I’m not worried about losing the weight after super fast, it is going to take me 9 months to gain it so it will take me 9 months to lose it and if I don’t lose it all I’m perfectly okay with that because I created a life. If you are pregnant and have heard the ‘are you eating enough’ or ‘you’re eating all of that?’ comments ignore them. Listen to your body, listen to your doctor. And feel beautiful because you are!! The person who made the comment to me is always worried about their weight, I realize that her comment comes from her insecurities and has nothing to do with me. I also know I feel great, I still do my yoga, my partner finds me more attractive everyday and I’m happy.

Have you experienced something like this before? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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1 thought on “Pregnancy “Fat” Shaming-Why you don’t need to listen to them.”

  1. Annie says:

    Well said! You DO look beautiful and all you need to worry about is your baby boy and how YOU feel! Enjoy it, it goes by way too quickly 🙂

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