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When I graduated from college I wasn’t sure what I would be doing but I knew I wanted to do something I loved to do.  I had five degrees under my belt and felt I could take on anything.  I’m a quick learner and noticed that I can find something to connect with each person I interact with.  I moved to Arizona after a temp agent said they could help me locate my dream job.  Being from a small farming town I was jacked!  I packed two bags and flew out four days after Christmas in 2013 to start my new adventure, crashing on sofas of high school and college friends that lived there.  The temp agency had me work and do interviews a few days a week, so I ended up bar tending to make sure I had an income.  Along the way there were several jobs I applied at that I loved and honestly they loved me but they would always say “We love you and feel you would fit in great here but since you’re newly divorced, have no family or real friends here we feel you are a flight risk. Come back to us in a few years so we know you’re serious.”  BAM there it was.  I knew no one and my peppy personality wasn’t helping me get my foot in the door anywhere.  BUT I was determined, so I kept going to interviews and working at the bar.  Finally everything started to fall into place; I locked down a job that was willing to look past my lack of being established in Arizona and my lack of personal experience in the corporate world, found a wonderful house to live in with some old college friends and shipped my stuff from Idaho to Arizona. I was set!  Within a few months I got a promotion and was told I was going to get another one shortly.  Along the way I met Eric.  Everything was perfect;, I had a great job, a wonderful relationship and social schedule. 

Here comes the speed bump or should I say baby bump.  We were ecstatic when we found out that we conceived after our first try.  We thought for sure it would be a few month to a year before anything would happen but some how our bodies were a perfect match and we are now (as most of you know) expecting our first in April.  When I told me boss she seemed just as happy…key word seemed.  Shortly after our announcement I got informed that the promotion I was going to get was no longer available, a few weeks later I was moved to part time, then one day I noticed interviews being held and asked what was going on.  At that time I was informed since our company was growing and so busy we were adding on additional help so my work load could be split up and no one would fall behind.  I began to get nervous but kept a level head. 
As my pregnancy progressed I slowly noticed more of my “duties” being taken away.  Eric and I had talked about me being a stay at home mom, but were on the fence of how we would afford everything.  We looked into day care and realized with my new hours and salary we wouldn’t even be able to pay the daycare for me to work.  The plan was to figure things out on my maternity leave, see if we could afford me to be home with our kids and find a way to bring in extra income and keep my part time job as a back up.  The day I turned in my paperwork for maternity leave my boss informed me that my job will be here after my leave, however there will be no work for me so I may want to look around for jobs while on leave. 
The person they hired to replace me has no plans of kids.  He is married and both him and his wife have made sure kids will not happen for them.  I do feel strongly that I was and am being mistreated for choosing to have a family.  I do know that not all corporations are like this.  I enjoyed my time in the corporate world and learned lots of interesting things.  I’m more than happy that I chose my family over my career.  This is my last week in the corporate world.  Yes, I’m scared and nervous but I’m also ready for a better life.  I’m ready for more time with Eric and Jordan and our son.  I’m ready to see if I can create a successful business.  I’m ready to try and fail and try again.  Have any of you had a similar situation?  How’d you adjust to being a WAHM or SAHM? 

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  1. I worked as a teacher before having kids and even went back after having our first. It was hard as hell. I taught kindergarten so I was teaching 25 five year olds all day and coming home to my own baby. But I lived teaching. Once we found we were having another baby tho we did the same thing and weighed out whether childcare for 2 kids full time would be worth me working. It wasn’t. So I stay home now. However staying home is hard! Especially when you’re used to working. And when the kid your home with is a baby who doesn’t talk back. It can be lonely. Make mommy friends. Make a point of going out even if it’s just an hour for coffee with another mom friend and the kids. Go to storytime at the library. Leave baby at home with dad and get a pedicure once in a while. Remember you were a person before kids too. It’s easy to say you’ll do it and easy to forget to do it. and enjoy every minute of your kiddos. They are only little for a short time. ?

    1. I’m really looking forward to watching him grow but I am worried about me time. Since I’m still so new to the area I know zero mommies here which will be a challenge but I know I need to look for groups and get out of the house. I’m hoping I can keep myself busy with our business too so I don’t sit around going nuts after a while. Thank you for the ideas too! I love pedicures so I will have to do that.

  2. Omg girl, you’ve been through a lot! Corporate world is tough sometimes. I know ’cause that’s where I’m at right now :/ Just believe in yourself that you can build a successful business of your own! Can’t wait to see pictures of your son!

    1. Thank you, I do. Its really nerve wracking but I gotta trust in myself right?!

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