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Where do I even begin with Keala. For starters she was a kindergarten teacher turned SAHM. She posts the most amazing recipes hence her blog Recipe for a Sweet Life but she also posts tips for moms, crafts, and whatever else her little heart desires. Keala and I met when she wanted a custom made piece from the shop. Right away she was so warm and welcoming, we donated to a giveaway she was doing and now I swear we talk weekly via social media. Did I mention she cooks and offered to bring me food while I enjoy my time with my little bundle of joy? YES!! She’s that amazing!, and taking over my blog for the day. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do and please go give her a follow and find her on Instagram! 

As I think of my friend Spencer embarking on this new chapter of motherhood with a new baby, I started to reflect on my feelings those 3 years ago when I became a mommy. So when she asked if I would guest post for her while she is on maternity leave, I of course said yes! Enjoy that beautiful baby boy!

That was the day my life changed forever. Wednesday I was one person, and then Thursday everything changed.
I remember looking at this little human in my arms and wondering how it could be possible to love someone so much when I’ve only known him for 2 minutes. It’s cliche I know. He was all purple, and slimy (let’s be honest they are slimy) but he was the sweetest and cutest little thing I had ever seen. And I was overcome with love. He was all tiny and sweet with the most perfect little nose and long fingers.

He was a wonderful baby right from the start. He slept so well that first night. I however, woke up constantly. Making sure his blanket wasn’t too tight. Did he need to eat, was he comfortable. Why was he sleeping so long? Shouldn’t he be waking up? I had been a mom for all of a matter of hours, and yet I was already worrying like…a mom. It’s amazing how quickly things change.
I would never be the same. Our family would never be the same. We were no longer just a couple. We were a family. We were parents.
From the moment they are born, these little humans take over. Our love, our time, our feelings. It’s amazing how instantly we become “parents.” Not because we created and birthed a baby. But because of how we feel, how we act, how we react,how we respond to everything they do.
I think about that day, and think how grateful I will forever be to this little boy who gave me a new name…Mom.

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