How to take control of a head cold.

We’ve all been there, we wake up one morning with the sniffles and by the end of the day we’re crawling into bed wishing we could be a little kid again and have our mom take care of us. Most of us turn to our own home pharmacy we’ve created that looks something similar to the Target cold and flu aisle. However if you’re pregnant you know that you need to avoid most of those items and if you are like me you want to avoid them all. I use to always depend on my home pharmacy for any time I felt a cold or flu getting ready to ruin my week however now that we are bringing a little one into the world I have become nervous of everything I put in my system. I some how managed to not catch anything until today, my 26 week mark. yay me right?! wrong, it hit me like a truck and I was not prepared for it AT ALL! Thanks to my wonderful man though I’m back on my feet and want to share what tricks he did to make me go from laying on the sofa surround by tissues to playing with a toddler.  (Even if you’re not pregnant and just want a healthier option please keep reading.)


Breakfast: You have to eat!! Even when you’re sick and don’t crave anything your little human you’re growing wants it and so do you, you just don’t know it. I chose an egg scrambled with some avocado and warm tea to help me through. (AVOID DAIRY!! If you have a sore throat I know ice cream sounds wonderful but don’t do it!! I’ll tell you what we got instead to help with that scratchy throat in a bit.)

Essential Oils: We had talked about using these in the past but didn’t know where to start however we did receive a diffuser for Christmas. Eric ran to our local Sprouts store and I crawled to the kitchen to pour some cereal in a bowl for the little one. Lucky for us our Sprouts carries some oils and two of which we needed! The two oils we got were Lavender and Lemon Eucalyptus (we wanted Thieves but they didn’t carry that). We put a few drops of the Lemon Eucalyptus in our diffuser and here comes the weird part (at least it felt weird to me) put a drop of Lavender oil on my finger and stuck that bad boy right up my nose. It’s a little gross I know since we’re taught to not stick our fingers up there at a young age but within seconds my nose stopped running and I could smell again.

The nasty smelling but taste okay drink, drink: You need Lemonade and Apple Cider Vinegar for this. We got the Sprouts Organic old fashion Lemonade and the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Grab a cup and do two tablespoons of the vinegar and fill the rest up with the lemonade. Since it was my first time trying this I did just one tablespoon of the vinegar with Lemonade and will just do two drinks for the day instead of one. If you feel gutsy go right ahead and try two.


Ice that sore throat: As I mentioned before dairy isn’t the best choice to fix a sore throat, I’m not saying I’ve never done it to help cure that scratch for a bit but there’s a better option out there. Eric picked me up DEEBEE’s Organic Tea Pops. Not only are they caffeine free but they are also gluten free and vegan. I have the toasted coconut flavor but they have lots of other options to choose from. BONUS they’re great for sick kids so I’m sure I’ll be keeping these on hand from now on.

There you have it, these little tricks helped get me up and going again. Don’t forget to eat healthy throughout the day, rest when you can, drink plenty of liquids and if your nose starts running again go ahead and stick your pinky finger in it, just don’t forget to put your Lavender oil on it first.


If you are a mother and know other tips and tricks that are a healthier choice than just taking a pill please feel free to share! Also please remember I’m just a mom to be looking for healthier options to take care of myself and my child. I am not certified or a doctor so if you are really sick and expecting please check with your doctor to keep you and your little one safe!!



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