“Hi Spencer I saw your post…” What I do when I receive these messages

First let me just say that if you work for any company or product where you sell things (ItWorks, Younique, Young Living, Beach Body, etc.) don’t think this post is about you UNLESS you do the following and if you do, do the following please be prepared for a rather sarcastic response from me. I would also like to point out that I sell young living, I have friends who are apart of ItWorks, Youngue and Beach Body and fully love and support them because they go about it THE RIGHT WAY. –Also please note it’s 6 am while I’m writing this and I may have just received my fourth message that start out like this…


‘Hi Spencer! I saw you post (they don’t reference which post which is a clear indication they didn’t actually read my post) and just wanted to tell you that if you’re tired of being –insert the following: tired, puffy skin, looking like a mombie, etc–then I have great news for you!’

There is generally more about where I can find out more information and to message them if I’m interested. I generally ignore or trash this messages because they aren’t genuine and I can tell that they are just copying and pasting the same message to multiple people without taking the time to really get to know me or to see if they even have a product I am interested in. As I mentioned before I have lots of awesome moms who do it the right way AND even if their product is not for me I will recommend them to fellow friends because I do trust them and I know they will take time out of their day to give each client a proper conversation and not be pushy.

Also my biggest pet peeve is that with these messages you basically make me feel like a pile of sh*t. So now I’m going to make sure you know that, it may sound harsh but there are women out there who don’t need that extra pressure that you unknowingly put on them. I’m lucky enough that for the most part I am confident in my appearance and when I want to change something I have a list of awesome boss moms who I will contact instead of these ‘Hi Spencer’ messages.

The point of my rant (see above) is this, if you are going to message someone about a product and copy and past a text without getting to know me or doing a little bit of research on me and make me feel like a pile of sh*t I’m going to reply back with sarcastic responses such as ‘Thank you for your message (I still have manners) however I love being a mombie with bags under my eyes and less than perfect beach body, I am sorry that my feed prompted you to take pity of me as a basic worn out house mom but I am pretty happy with my life and have to resources when needed to fix my current state of appearance when I want to.’

Okay that may be a little harsher than I will reply but honestly some days it might not be. If I would have received these messages right after having Ashton I honestly don’t think my hormone enraged self could handle it. Some days even now I can’t because I’m still adjusting to my new “mom bod” and breastfeeding as made my weight go up and down more than it did in high school BUT for the most part I’m okay with it because I have this cute squishy baby that made it all worth it. I’ll I’m saying is before you hit send really think if your approach is acceptable, look at it from their point of view, ask yourself if the text would make you feel down or bad about yourself and if it does, DON’T SEND IT.

Mini rant over! And to all my lades who do sell ItWorks, Beach Body, Yongique, Young Living, etc AND do it the right way, I love you guys!!!

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1 thought on ““Hi Spencer I saw your post…” What I do when I receive these messages”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love! Xoxo absolutely on point! Drives me INSANE to not only tell the same person “no thank you” but then when I try and support them by liking a stinking post, they’re like “well you liked it so did you change your mind?” -__-

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