Hello again, It’s me…Spencer.

Where do I even begin… obviously it has been a few months since I’ve posted anything on here and there are multiple reasons why that I’m sure you yourself have gone through yourself. Lets start with the big thing that happened in January. 

Yep, we’re expecting our second little one in October and could not be more excited about it. If you recall in December I shared how we had started trying and thought we were going to have a wonderful Christmas morning announcement for our families only to be greeted with aunt flow over a week late… so I told myself to not stress it, let it happen and well, it happened because right before our trip to Idaho to see my family I had this urge to pull out a handy dandy test and check. I literally woke up, went to the bathroom and peed on the stick then crawled back into bed and told Eric that I took a test and was pretty sure it was negative but just had this urge to do it, he looked at me a little annoyed because those things aren’t exactly free BUT 5 minutes later I walked back into the bathroom and saw the positive pregnancy test. The next day I started my long journey of morning sickness. Which leads to my second reason I’ve been MIA, all day sickness and rapid weight loss was happening with this pregnancy and nothing all natural helped, my doctor, who is simply amazing compared to my last one, kept giving me samples of the only pill I trusted and worked but my insurance wouldn’t cover. Luckily it faded this week right as I near my 20 week mark just like he thought it would and I finally feel normal as long as I graze on food all day and chug water like there is no tomorrow. 

Now the other reason I’ve been MIA. Simply put, I’m in the process of growing-yes physically but more importantly spiritually, I’m not talking about religion I’m talking about expanding my mind and soul with all that there is in this wonderful world. I’ve been really getting back into my yoga and meditation, I’ve been trying to pick my studies back up–something I don’t talk about a lot but feel the only way I’ll succeed is if I’m truly honest with myself and all of you guys about it. I’m currently studying chakracology, I use to talk more about chakras and all my ‘hippy thoughts’ as my dad calls it but after weird comments shut that part of me down and only showed it to my family and close friends. My ultimate goal is to own a shop one day where I can help heal people with natural remedies and crystals and also sell the items I create. I see my kids playing in the background and my afternoons spent schooling them. I’m really learning who I am as I dive deeper into motherhood and myself. 

So with all of this going on I put blogging on the back burner because I wasn’t sure how everyone would react with me being 100% me and sharing my daily struggles. What I really want to focus on is honesty, I want my site to be honest. I want you to come here and read my posts and know it’s from the heart, I want you to feel comfortable to reach out and tell me about your bad days and your good ones. Or ask questions or give input (when asked, no one likes judgmental comments), I want to build a community where we can be us. In all our weirdness, wild ways and never feel judged. I realize I will lose some followers and friends with this new change in direction but I also know I will be gaining some new amazing ones.  Here is a few photos of what has been going on these last few months. Also please tell me if there is any topic you’d love for me to discuss more on here. 



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