Hello 2017!

I know I’m not the only one trying to figure out where this year went, some days I forget I had a kid! Okay not really but it does feel like just yesterday I was pregnant and counting down the days till Ashton would be joining us. And yet here he is almost NINE months old!?!? I need a glass of wine just thinking about that… Lately I’ve been reflecting on who I am now vs. who I was before baby and even while I was pregnant. I realize overtime each year I’m a completely different person although my core values and personality stay the same. Two years ago I was obsessed with yoga, meditating, hiking and listening to records on repeat all weekend long while I attempted to remember what I learn in art class. A year ago I was still enjoying these things but I also was busy with weddings, baby bump photos and creating a home for our family. This year it was all about Ashton, lets be honest, he stole the show this year and has taken up 90% of our house’s attention. I tell him he’s lucky he’s cute.

Although I loved every day of ‘the year of Ashton’ I’m also excited to do big things in 2017 for me again. I know that you never really get your freedom back after having kids until they move out but even then you still will worry about them.  BUT my goal is to balance family and personal goals better this year. So to help keep my accountable and hopefully motivate anyone else to follow through with goals here is a few of mine for 2017.

Learn French: A few years ago my mom got my pa and me Rosetta Stone to learn French together and lets just say neither of us have done a thing but download it… SO my goal is to start practicing it for at least 30 minutes, 3-4 days a week this year. I know life happens so I feel that 3-4 days a week will be more than doable.

Finish my Chakra training: I enrolled in classes before I got pregnant (yes BEFORE!) and still haven’t finished my training. I found so many excuses and reasons not to this year that I eventually put all my school work in a box and just ignored it.

Expand the Shop: As most of you know I own a shop with my awesome mom and we create handmade jewelry as well as baby and toddler accessories. I love seeing how far we have came in the short time we’ve been open but I know we can do more. We are already in the works of switching to a new website and adding a new line to the chaos that is us and I’m so excited to bring more of my passions to the shop for everyone to enjoy.

Mindfulness: This is a BIG one for me, I want to bring mindfulness back into our house and stay consistent with it. I go in spurts where I meditate with the boys, practice yoga and journal but nothing is consistent. Since Jordan is from a split family it is especially important to create a calm, peaceful environment as well as help him understand the emotions he is feeling. So I’m hoping to create some sort of routine that we can do to help calm his social anxieties as well as help me keep a peaceful attitude towards each day.

Education: Another big thing I’m wanting to bring into our house is education,  we plan on homeschooling Ashton and any future kids and are hoping to one day do the same for Jordan. We are already seeing him slip through the cracks at his current school and as a parent it is rather frustrating and heart breaking since he is such a bright child. This topic is a hard one since I am only his step mom and can only fight for so much when it comes to his well being, however I can still help him when he is with us so I want to create a curriculum that we do at home together to make sure he doesn’t get lost in the school systems. (Any fellow homeschooling moms I would love tips and support information on this!)

Finally the last big thing I want to work on in 2017 is letting go of stress, doubt and fear. Those three things have held me back from doing the items listed above plus 20 other things. I’ve read handfuls of books and articles that have helped me get the courage to even start this blog and now I need to utilize the tools I have and create the life I’ve always wanted.

What are you goals for 2017? How are you going to create your best year yet?

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