Goodbye Corporate: A reflection on my growth

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If you follow me on Instagram you saw my lovely post about today being my last day in the corporate world.  When I look back at my journey I see a lot of growth.  My small town personality is still near and dear to me, but she has a bit more of a city swagger to her.  When I moved out here I had no goals, no set income, no car and knew one person.  Yes ONE person in all of Arizona!  I quickly learned of some college friends that lived out here and began sleeping on their sofa.  My parents had my car shipped to me after I landed a corporate job and the friends I was sofa surfing with agreed to rent a house with me; finally I felt the pieces of the puzzle start to come together. 

I had an amazing support system out here which is something I’m so thankful for.  I don’t know if I would have made it with out them.  Some I’m still close to and others we have sadly drifter apart, but that is apart of life.  As I’ve mentioned before I was finalizing a divorce when I came to Arizona.  I had no money except the $200 dollars in my new bank account.  I bartended at night and went to temp jobs during the day.  I hustled and I hustled hard!  I remember getting home after a shift around 1:00am and crashing only to wake up at6:00am only to do it all over again. 
Slowly over time I got comfortable–I quit the hustle.  I gave up my bartending job and agreed to go full time with the company I’m employed at now.  I made enough money to cover my bills and splurge a little here and there.  I made new friends and even did something truly amazing–I fell in love.  While I’m happy I got comfortable, I’m upset with the fact I stopped pushing myself. 
Here I am 2 years and a month to the day later and ending my corporate career.  A big part of this is due to the support of my life partner.  He believes in me more than I do myself.  I’m excited to see the hustle of my old self light up again.  This time I have more of a fire in my soul. I have my partner by my side who will always be my biggest cheerleader, we have a bundle of joy on the way, and the sweetest little boy who can’t wait to be a big brother.   Who knew all I needed was my boys to get the ball rolling.  Today I end my corporate career, but today I also start my journey into motherhood, being a small business owner, freelance writing and so much more. 
I tip my hat to you corporate Spencer. You did good!