Dear Eric: Part One-Bell of the Ball

-This will be a running series about how I met Eric. It’s a fun way for me to document our love for each other as well as let you in to our world.- 

Before you I thought I knew love; in fact I was 100% sure that what I had was what all little girls read about while growing up.  Then my fairy tale ended and I realized that those things don’t really exist.  At least not in the way we read about.  Instead of meeting you at a ball dressed like a princess, I met you at a concert dressed in glitter shorts and converse (gold glitter shorts in fact). Instead of knowing the perfect thing to say, I followed you around like a puppy dog; offering to help carry drinks or stand in line with you.  I reverted back to my high school days and could not figure out how to use my wit and charm on you.  you, instead of going house to house looking for me with a glass slipper you used this thing called social media and messaged me through Instagram and offered to fix my car.  The only wicked step mom keeping me from you was myself.  It was excuse after excuse of why I couldn’t meet up with you when I was honestly just scared to death of you.  Then like a true damsel in distress I needed help driving a 24 foot long Uhaul in the dark after spending the day moving into my new place.  You did not come galloping over on your trusty steed you did come revving up in your two seater sports car though.  From that day forward you took care of me.  I never asked you too, in fact I fought you (and still fight you) most days. I knew the first time I saw you that you were going to change everything.  I can honestly say that with everything in my heart and soul that I fought you so hard because I did not want to believe in true love.  Love at first sight was a fairy tale.  Prince charming doesn’t show up when you need him.  If you wanted someone to take care business you better put your big girl pants on and do it yourself.

I now stand before you and everyone with my foot in my mouth.  I fell in love the first day I met you, I told you I loved you after only months of knowing each other. And now I officially believe in fairy tales. 

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