The Comparing Game

I’m no pro at this motherhood but I have learned after having a few children that you can not compare yourself to anyone!! Especially someone on social media. After my first child I remember having pains of “I should bounce back and look like this” then I had my second and LOVED my squishy belly […]


Balance… or lack there of.

We are slowly creeping up on one year of living in Idaho which also means my sweet Rai baby is going to be a big bad one year old! HOW?! Our goal was/is to be in our house by September which is also when we moved here from Arizona. I desperately need to do a […]


First Trimester with Papaya

It honestly feels like it was just yesterday I was convinced I was pregnant and kept seeing negative on all my pregnancy tests. It also feels like years ago we started trying for papaya.  First off I’m sure you’re wondering why we are calling this baby papaya and the reason will sound silly I am […]


The Farm

Before we moved to Idaho we saw this old farm house listing and I wont say instantly fell in love but we were very drawn to it. It had so much potential but financially was out of the question for us. We didn’t even know if we were going to move to Idaho for sure […]

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Not so recently we moved to Idaho to pursue a better quality of life. This decision was hard and one we took years to finally take the leap due to our oldest and my step son Jordan. We realized our choice to move states would be hard but the fact of the matter is, it […]

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